My Bestfriend Stole My Crush Even She

September 8, 2018 3:59 pm

September 8, 2018 3:59 pm

If your doesn’t wnt to tlk bout wh mking him/her so you hve to just give it ti Sot the only wy to resolve problem by letting ti pss Be pient nd keep trying to < href=" /63-how-to-be--gre-">be good even if he or she doesn’t wnt to respond blogger Pumpkin sid she nd her hve been s for nerly 12 1/2 yers We hve hd our ups nd downs but we’re still s Even the t she tried to pull wy nd we didn’t tlk much I e choice to keep on clling her nd trying to help find the ship we. Nd hd n rgunt but we were still tlking then the next dy she got nd I don’t Necessrily Know why? she lso won’t reply to ny of texts ?Help!!! ?? I told th th liked him but she nt s I didnt know she nt s nd now she wont tlk to Wh do I do??????????? Cludi I told ’s crush th she used to like him nd th she likes soone else so boy brged in on the conversion nd told you like him nd now she nd cried nd feels embrrssed wh do. I would sy i freind like hers got th useless if she usully get then shes not. Becuse I told her I don’t like her boy becuse he relly n to since we were smll nd I sid lot of things. Blming for so smll things nd sying th I did sothing when I ws just trying to help (I think th ws the biggest thing) ws being gossiped bout nd I told nd she texted the person who gossiped bout her nd the person denied it nd sid she didn’t sy nything Then I got bld th I e the story up nd frs the. Wh should i do if becuse shes third wheel in our group? like im lwys with nother thn her i dont know wh to do:( shes lonely becuse she doesnt hve “the ” th supports her nd helps her with stuff wh cn. Nd s ll together nd we re four s nd one of them just don’t wnted to be the other two s we hve to be there nd just by th we hve hd five rgunts going on nd when ever we hve on it only who hve to pologies for. Jyd I’m so sorry you re hving problems with your It’s hrd when soone we cre bout doesn’t return the s feelings nd respect It’s lso importnt to tlk to soone bout wh going on nd to lso tell soone bout your th be suicidl We’d like to lten nd guide you through th TheHopeLine Plese cll .4673 or ch with HopeCoch < href=" /gethelp" rel="nofollow"> /gethelp We lso hve n pp you cn downlod to get help too < href=" /thlmobilepp" rel="nofollow"> /thlmobilepp It did help lot but I don’t know wh I did th ws so wrong I ws her plce with couple of s we were ll tlking lughing nd plying together nd ll of sudden she just bec relly upset I hve no ide why cuse she wouldn’t tell she just kept sying th she wsn’t upset nd I know she ws I cn see it in her fcil expressions Plese help I don’t know if I’m ble to tlk to her nymore cuse I’m frid th I’ll mke it worse I’m relly bd wording things correctly nywy confidence just dropped suddenly now I don’t even wnn tlk to mum bout it Btw I’m 15 nd she’s 12 but she looks more mure thn her ge. Well I told on cuz she ws doing sothing I dpproved of nd now she’s … I tried contcting her nd gve her long ssge nd when we sy Olf it ns I love you in wy… nd I wrote th the end nd she replied give soti… Olf nd the next dy we didn’t tlk ll to ech other so wh should. Well nt I hve quite lot of s but i hve 3 mins One of them shy but i lnow i cn lwus be with her but sot its wkwrd the other two re both s I ws s with one of them first nd we hve lot in common but then the other one c long nd kindof stole her wy from They both relly like s but they seem to like ech other more thn they like Bsiclly i feel. If you believe your intellectul property hs been infringed nd would like to file complint plese see our < trget="_blnk" href=" .com/copyright/us ?pir= PFivskb06cCK3lggdCqKTxtZqQ"> Copyright/IP Policy So sw conversion th I ws tlking bout her becuse she wsn’t tlking to nd I might’ve clled nd now she’s wh do. Kenzie ( Hi n Kiri ) I m going through the s thing you were it seems to like your ws ngry with you bout be sothing you did to her or sid th led to your fight nd led to your downfll nd then no longer s so just let it settle in nd tke so ti to think bout wh went wrong * Cn we. If you believe your intellectul property hs been infringed nd would like to file complint plese see our < trget="_blnk" href=" .com/copyright/us ?pir= PFivskb06cCK3lggdCqKTxtZqQ"> Copyright/IP Policy Im not tlking to since 2 dys she nd i love her i cnt imgin how to live with out her she person plese tell wy to mke her fll for … i red ll your dves but none of them worked plese plese help i relly love her plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do smting Sunin i m hving n sue with for so confidentil resons he gets nnoyed by little little things… he even doesn’t picks up phone wh should i do… i seriously need. Ok well I would sy if she relly ws your she wouldof styed But if you truly belive she liked you I would sy don’t stress bout it Don’t let it chnge your life sty the positive person you re If she your then she will relize no one could replce you mllory relly nd slumber prty tommorow < href=' /intent/tweet?text=If%20you%27re%20truly%20sorry%20bout%20sothing%20you%20did%20th%20hurt%20your%20%2C%20you%20need%20to%20%23pologize.%20∓vi=thehopeline∓reled=thehopeline∓url= /when-your------you' trget='_blnk'>If you’re truly sorry bout sothing you did th hurt your you need to #pologize < href=' /intent/tweet?text=If%20you%27re%20truly%20sorry%20bout%20sothing%20you%20did%20th%20hurt%20your%20%2C%20you%20need%20to%20%23pologize.%20∓vi=thehopeline∓reled=thehopeline∓url= /when-your------you' trget='_blnk' clss='bctt-ctt-btn'>Click. For while now keeps sying she nd never doing “it” gin but i hve no clue wh it th i ws doing wrong nd i sked her if she would tell but insted she insted on being n even bigger bitch snd sying oh theirs noting wrong nd i will tell you ler wh should. Nd I were hnging out nd then I hd to go clen room nd I sid I would cll her fter but she didn’t believe she thought I would forget So I went ho nd ws going to prove her wrong but then I hd to run errnds for couple of hours so when I finlly clled her she got nd I tried to tell her but she didn’t believe 🙁 Tilordess I DONT. I like to get stuff nd it mkes her relly relly hppy So I got her sothing nd she wnted to know where I got it She got becuse i told her “I don’t wnt to tell you becuse it will give wy wh it ” She’s nd I don’t know wh. Hey so I hve since 3 yers nd recently h other strted telling him nd everyone th I ws spreding wrong rumours bout him The rumour ws th he hd feelings for while he ws in relionship He not tlking to nd believing the other wh should I do? The other won’t dmit he wrong nd becoming. Oh der!!! Complicing problems SB Shkil nd hve lmost completed n yer of ship nd becuse of the 3 she hd i think shes leving i tried sking her wh did i do she sid nothings wrong ! nd th 3 person ws relly good of her in her group of s nd i dont know if she hs completly ditched or no but th 3 person tlking to totlly norml i need. Thinks I’m psycho cuse I sid I would kill her for sothing she sid s joke Nicky I need help with lot of things clled fke becuse I ws tlking bout her nd her boy How cn I get n her. She probbly got jelous th you were hving gre ti with the others gihn you cn get for her gift nd joke i hd th dont tlk to from 1 yer nd i get for her gift nd cody folder i put tseu nd i sid if you wnn cry there the tsue nd i. Just dont tell lie nd when she dosent wnt to tlk leve her lone or try to see whs the mter jenette. Ch or rnt dult content spm insulting other mbers,< trget="_blnk" href="/info/community_guidelines">show more I think th nswer violes the Terms of Service Hrm to minors violence or thres hrssnt or privcy invsion impersonion or mrepresention frud or phhing < trget="_blnk" href=" .com/legl/us/yhoo/utos/terms/">show more Nd she wont tell why so I got her becos she telling ll the secrets th I told her to other people wh do I do nd I don’t won’t to loose her becuse th lst yer in elentry school nd wh helps be strong when I feel bd Mikel Nicole You need to bond with your Th wy you hd mny ti together. Re you nd you cool now? nne hiley Yes Smiksh! Th the thing to do cssidy nd lso Smiksh could you. Nd th girl were s i n it seed like we could tlk for hours nd hours stright nd th frd nd she does not believe nd every ti i try to tlk to her she just wlks wy She hs been for 1 month nd 16 dys nd the school yer bout to be nd i m moving to Cliforni nd i just don’t know wh. N t gin fter 5 yers grdued from high school ~ I rele she ws only comfort until I lose her~~ Pst 2 yers She lwy be there for nyti when needed ~~ The reson why I lost her s bec I protected self I cnt fully trust her bec she ever bck stb before during the pst ~ we re good s gin pst 2 yers we used to hng round mking fun with ech others I enjoyed nd lughed lot but when we fight its reminded wh she hd did to in the pst I just cnt trust her 100% bec she dont even know w she did to in the pst until one dy we fight gin bec I ccidentlly ntion sothings th hurts her feelings but i dont relly n it ~ I did pologe to her fter incident ~ but no respond fter months i guess she still nd doesnt wnt to be with nymore I know i shll move on but I ms I cnt find nother comfort. Hey I hve nd we were s when we were bout 2 yers old Its been long journey together But we do get in fights But th one bigger… she thinks th I don’t cre bout her nymore Insted of coming to for dvice or just soone to tlk to she goes to soone else She lso sot cts like she doesn’t even hve round people I feel offended nd sd the s ti nd idk wh to do I’ve gve it ti nd told her mny long pologies. (Lets cll her die) got tody becuse she got text from her old who hed (lets cll her jne) sying th yers go i ws prty nd i ws tlking bd bout her with nother girl (lets cll her chloe) die ws chting with jne tody nd jne reminded her of the ti when i sid th (nd i dont even rember it nd we weren’t s then so i didn’t even know her) she just strted chting to sying oh why did u bckstb nd blh blh blh now shes sying th soone she trusts sid th i sid sothing bd bout her in the pst month I bsolutely didnt nd th relly worrying when die gets she like completly ignores u nd just hngs out with ur other s shes very good holding grudge for long ti nd we hve to work in group together tomorrow wh should i do? pls. I ccidenlly sid sothing relly ssed up when I ws to one of our s bout her nd she herbroken nd hes I did ll those steps nd she still hes Her fmily doesn’t wnt her to tlk to She blocked on severl socil di sites Wh else cn I do? I don’t wnt to lose her She’s. Hve question How long cn relionship hit speed bump? der I hve question when u hide sothing from your nd she finds out bout it nd she sk u bout nd u still lie bout wh should You Do ? Ifu wnt To get nother Chnce? So wh cn you do when your < href=" /63-how-to-be--gre-"> you? Tlk It Out with your When your you the first nd most importnt thing you cn do tlk bout it Find plce where it’s quiet nd tell your how importnt it to you th the two of you resolve wh’s wrong between you sk wh he/she feeling nd give her the chnce to truly express everything whever she wnts th point it’s your job to lten Relly lten nd don’t brek in with your point of view The more you cn feel wh your feeling the better chnce you’ll hve of fixing your conflict Jennifer greed: The only wy to fix wh went wrong by letting your sy everything th mkes them Try to understnd why they feel th wy ll the effort. Thnx th did help lot tron wh do you do when they tell you to stop tlking to you nd to delete ll their contct info I m prt of so groups i sit with one group lunch one group choir the group i sit with lunch keeps sking to sit with them choir but i relly dont wnt to nd there gre s but i dont know wh to do the group i sit with choir little more populr thn th group Im worried they think im going to leve them like i did lst yer which ws dumb thing the tiny bit more poplur group sys th if i feel concered bout wh they think nd i feel hurt by them i shouldnt be s with them but the s ti they know i cnt do th Im wy too nice nd there relly good s I relly need help the one group i sit with lunch one of the girls sent sothing tody sying “your such good ” i ws so confused nd i replied sying “oky?” she hsnt sent nything since then i dont know wh to do cn nyone help plese thnks for ltening. Hi so psed becuse well… I don’t know why she just sunddenly got moody Jesslynne Pms Who i hve been s with since i ws born ignoring nd not nswering clls nd i don’t know if I’ve done sothing wrong or if she hs just moved on but i cn’t get hold of her i clled her once nd her little brother nswered nd i could her her in the bckground telling him to sy she ws not there lso she very prive so i cn’t. I rekindled ship with femle Things were going fine I sw her s just nd nothing more Three months go she ws dignosed with stge 3 to borderline 4 liver dese It ws devsting news for her nd hertbreking news for s we hve beco s the pst two yers nd her clling her rock Suddenly emotions went into drive I relly strting cring more bout her inside nd ctully hd bout of jelousy when she went out with nother Now I hve constnt thoughts of her on mind between losing der to liver dese or to nother Wh do I do if let’s sy nd ex re trying to be s gin nyti I try to tlk to her she will only give one word replies! I’ve tried sking her wh I should do bout it nd if she could rely do ssges for nd it seems s if ex still for sothing! I m ftm trnsgender nd she thinks coming out ws “wy to get tention” nd she still for “other things” th she won’t sy So wh do I do!! Plese. “” being relly n to nd she lying to She hs lwys tlked to bout others nd stuff nd I herd her tlking bout behind bck I keep confronting her but she denies Wh should I do? Cssie hs been tlking behind bck nd I confront her but she denies I cn’t get her to tell the truth She’s been spying on nd she’s still denying. I he th one girl s with so i sid sothing relly n bout her nd got relly she sid she didn’t wnt to be s nymore i sid i ws sorry nd th i loved her nd everything but she hsn’t been replying for the pst month wh should. Thehopeline 2016 © < href=' '>Dwson Mcllter ssociion Nd were plying round clling ech other ns nd I sid it to bff nd she freked out nd it ws relly n if nd I didn’t know it ws gonn hurt her so bdly now she sid she’s never ever gonn forgive nd ignoring Wh do. I hve the s problem only nd he brought h ex gf to knowing we dont like ech other nd he id telling to get it becuse h ex. From kinder grden(dy 1) leving for soone (S) she t lst yer they lwys getting in fight th girl ruining our ship nd she doesn’t know it but i do……… I feel left out ll the ti becuse they re LWYS lughing nd plying together nd i be looking ll sd nd lost Dy 1 becuse S lied on ……… soone help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dy nd S re tlking bout behind bck nd lwys mking it noticble I cnt del with it. Dvid sid Sot your hs completely unreltic expections You cn either decide to find middle ground or wlk wy Most people don’t know when their expections re unreltic You might find it helpful to sy “I don’t think I cn do wh you’re sking but I could do th.” Finding n greeble middle ground gre wy to mke pece with n ngry Be pient nd keep trying to be loving to your even if he or she doesn’t wnt to respond. Nd (i just t him 2 months go) we re close nd he wnted to do sothing but i didnt nd know he Wh should I do? Th ship importnt to 🙁 </3 Guest None of th will work becuse when she’s she won’t tlk. One of life’s greest gifts hving < href=" /how-to-mke-s">If you hve one you re truly blessed But you no doubt lso know how pinful it cn be when your you Mny hs spent sleepless nights due to broken relionship with Sot it’s difficult to tell exctly wh went wrong – if it’s sothing hurtful you did without relizing it or if it’s just munderstnding be soone < href=" /how-lying-hurts-you">told lie bout you to try nd drive wedge between the two. However your be slow to trust you gin even fter you hve pologized He/she will need to see trustworthy behvior from you period of ti th will prove to her you relly. Ok I hve n sue I kind of invded ’s relionship She nd her boy strted ding bout 2 – 3 dys go I kept secret to nother th I sid ” Their relionship not going to lst long “ But fter I sid th to him I regretted it tody she found out Becuse she forced him to tell her wh the secret ws I tried to pologies but she sid ” Sorry n’t good enough “ lso she sid ” She sid she hd enough of “ Of course I ws hurt bck thn I ws being too judgentl I still wnt to be s nd ll But I don’t think she will beco gin I don’t wnt whole clss to find out becuse they might he lso she nd her boy in the s clss s. I told th liked her when she didn’t I relized I ws being n bout th nd I shouldn’t hve done th How cn she ever. Cuz i told other th she likes th other whih she told nd she sys it ws lie but it prob wsnt cuz she told int eh rt room fter chourus molly thx 4. Let her know how u feel co cler wit for so ti ( week or sth to let her think) if she doesnt respond to your “quests” then just move on dniel Hello everyone.I hve BFF(lets cll him Ben) nd only tody we We fought nd he’s very on so cn nyone plese sy w. Im hving the exct s problem with “” where I poligized mny t but now she just wnts to ditch for so other people nd I think th’s pretty. I hve we hd soone drive wedge between us soone I hed who lies nd her lies sepred nd We’ve been s for 2 yers but we know ech other so well We tlked every dy nd every night Now we ren’t tlking I won’t see her till October but right now it relly hurts We hven’t tlked in 5 months except she sid hi public event but I wsn’t entirely sure if she ws tlking to I ms her but I hope I cn cler the ir in Oct. If your do not wnt to tlk to you give her ti Sot the only wy to resolve the item by letting ti pss be one dy she will eger to tlk. Nd hve been s since 1st grde (5 yers) nd then new girl c to our school nd she ws relly shy nd so i invited her to co hng out with us but then thought i ws picking the new girl her her so she went nd found new group of s nd now so clled “ ” sying th ll I do dpiont her nd th im horrible person nd things like th I relly loved her though nd i wnt her to stop beibg but i dont know if i should try to get her to beco s with gin. I told her crush/ th she likes him Then when she found out I tried to bl other Now the she likes/ becuse I bld the other the I told him other two s re nd hlf becuse I strted ll th drm Now I hve to go fce the problem school tmrw Wh luck I hope they forgive for th huge mtke boy gonn be notified of th drm soon (by ) nd I hope he doesn’t get too I’ve lredy pologized to s mny of them s I could cll from cell Wh cn. The worst thing you cn do get defensive when resolving conflict with your Don’t quickly rect to wh your sying When you her your telling you wh he/she thinks you did wrong it’s nurl to imdiely feel like you wnt to defend yourself Rest th feeling Rember there will be ti enough for you to express how you feel s well Don’t forget th your ti to lten Th not sign of greeing it just sign of ltening! Wh I think you should do tell her to tell the truth but dont forget to dd I WON’T GET NGRY One of s did it to when they thought I lughed them which I did (whoops :() nd then when she sid I wont get ngry I told. Clss hving plnt project for school It’s being grded but I ccidentlly ruined h plnt by dropping sothing on it I’m frid wh to tell him We’ve been s nd I don’t wnt the school yer to end like th while he’s. Th’s relly hrd especilly since she not responding right now HopeCoches re vilble on ch 24/7 to lten nd give dvice We re here for you! 🙂 < href=" /gethelp/" rel="nofollow"> /gethelp/ Grce got for hving to go when we were video chting nd she ws hving fmily problems but she psed I NEED HELP!!!! wh do. Ws becuse she felt I ws replcing her with th other good of mine We solved it by when she c to nd sid relly politely th she ws sorry for being so grumpy nd n but sid wh she felt nd bsiclly followed wh th website sid nd thnk you sooo much we hve e up s s nd I’ll just do bit of nding to mke us bffs gin Thnk you. Nd hve been long our sides for 7 yers nd I ssed up big ti nd I know none of th will help wh do I do now? ;-(( din curt SO cuse im ding nd shes rel sssy person nd i dont know wh. Nd on she’s just for tlking to her ex boy but I only sk him question(like one question becuse I’m getting weker on rm’s muscles) becuse he’s on the sports tem nd I need to sk him to help with rm strength but then she got relly nd hsn’t tlked to for like week wh do I do nd I sw her tody nd she voided like I ws dedly poon nd I feel very sd nd guilty nd I just wnt it to be wh we were before she got :'( ny dvice. Lso she’s very defensive girl If I try to mke up with her she might get more thn before lthough I will dd up the detil th it ws fult Right now she hs her period nd she goes through mood swings… how will. Nd hven’t been s for very long nd she the only one I hve so I m clingy nd feel left out nd hurt when she with soone else I tried to tlk to her but the words c out wrong nd we hd big fight When I try not to be clingy ler in I get more clingy nd I feel relly bd but she sid she’s done I feel wful Wh do I do? I wnt to give her spce but lso tlk it through s soon s possible Hey nd hve known ech other ever since I could rember Recently I did sothing th upseted him I imdiely confronted the sue nd told him how sorry I m nd wh not first he seed kind psed but eventully forgve however I’ve been hering roors lely th he’s been tlking behind bck nd th we’ve known ech other for long ti nd how could I hve done th to him clerly he hsn’t forgiven so I ws wondering how cn I mke things right should I confront him gin will th mke things right. Just try getting her becuse if she cn’t see your sorry then forget it nd th girl Jessic in clss got into fight becuse she thought I sid sothing bout one of her stupid she strted crying so ll s would feel bd for her.I lost lot of s becuse she ws Then she strted throwing ll her problems on by sying I strted rumors bout though I didn’ dy I told her I didn’t sy sothing nd then she pprently strted fke crying gin ho nd sid she lost s becuse of even though I ws losing them not her little s strted jumping on then even her mom texted I never told mom becuse she will be I never sid you just hve to. She continues to drink which even before I felt the pngs of jelousy bothered but she doesn’t wnt to seek trent or feel like she being judged I relly don’t know wh to do I do cre bout her I don’t know where th jelousy coming from becuse I truly only see her s but these feelings of jelousy dded on to the feelings of her helth re just wiping out Should I tell her I need to bck off nd tke so ti wy from our ship due to these feelings? Would th be like I ws bndoning ? I know th will sound selfh but whether I stick round or wlk wy I will be hertbroken in. Th ws mzing Kiri Hey So ( her n sophi ) told things out of confindence but then i went nd told other people ive sid im sorry so mny t nd she wont forgive wh should i. Ngelic How bout tlking to HopeCoch bout wh going on with your ster Cll .4673 or click on “Get Help” to ch If you wnt downlod our free pp to your phone to ch get n emil ntor nd get encourged here the link to downlod it < href=" /thlmobilepp" rel="nofollow"> /thlmobilepp I e fke snp ch ccount to see if I ws or nothing to she figured it out nd she’s relly nd won’t tlk Wh do I do kelsey hi relly ngry for sothing i did which i feel relly bd bout nd now she completely ignoring nd ive told her im sorry nd everything but i dont know wh else to do ? plese. Thinks i ws spreding rumors bout her being in the ntl institution nd mking suicide jokes bout her md i didnt nd im not sure wh to do sm oky becuse i hd sex with nd when she sked if i hd sex with him i replied no protecting her feelings side note th ws ex boy no she don’t hve feelings for him she’s relly becuse i lied m i wrong fter proming her i wouldn’t hve sex. Did the s thing to one of s nd told her wh hppen nd it ws ll good things Philipp gets nnoyed when I cn’t text her she thinks I’m purposely ignoring her wheres I’m busy wh should. I yelled for telling ster to run wy from becuse th’s wh ster sid hd hppened Currently ignoring so i cnt sy sorry Sofi two s (three’s crowd) hd sleep without nd we still hve n wkwrd relionship… they re prone to ignoring for 5-45 minutes Should I still. Nd hven’t been s very long nd she the only I hve nd I m clingy nd when she with other people I feel left out nd hurt I wnted to tlk bout it but the words c out wrong nd we hd huge fight I pologized like ten t nd she won’t tlk to nd she sid she ws done I relly cre bout her Wh do. Thnx th relly helped nd s Le Omg s! I just sked her wh she expected from nd she sid wh she wnted nd lso dmitted th she hs done som mtkes Find the right mont of the dy to tlk to her (lone). < href=" /ct 81" > .lod(" 81"); Nd hd been since Sundy night nd told why She moved in nother ste but vited in st for her mom But She texted nd sid ‘I’m not gonn spek to you for while’ nd I sid w did I do? nd then she told th I hd not once hit her up sking to hng out but she did She told th we could go swimming nd th her stepdd could pick up but th couldnt hppen cuz I ws busy ll th week So now she nd doesnt text like she used to We hve been s for lmost 4 yers ndndont wnt our ship to end becuse of th Wh cn. Nd she driving everyone wy from idk how to tlk to her bc she lwys psed nd i struggle to mke her smile ngie nd if i wit the things re going to get worse i tell self th i don’t cre but n the inside i ctully. Hey so nd I got in fight bc I got her bc she ws going to stop being s with bc I ws being n to her other nd thn I texted her nd told her I ws done nd didn’t cre bout her nd th the biggest mtke I hve ever e ws being s with u nd sid I never wnted her bck nd she never ws true nd thn her mom texted bc I e her cry nd I felt so bd I tried sying sorry but she told to leve her lone nd she told to sty out of her life nd she blocked one everything but now I regret sying th nd I wnt her bck so much like I ms her lot I’d do nything to get her bck but i dont know how Too get her bck nd she won’t tlk or nything? nd I like wnt nother chnce I wnt to strt but how do I do th with her nd how do I prove to her th I relly cre nd. Well she’s very difficult person to hndle She rgues with ll the ti I try to tlk to her but she just ignores either th or she’ll just sy stuff like get out of wy nd stuff she used to ct like she cred bout but now I’m sure she ws just doing it for tention becuse no one like her sdly everyone tries to void her cuse she kind of sys things th ren’t necessry wh do I do????? Help I’m lost!!! I told our s crush code n but th knows Who it but didn’t know the code n wh cn. Plz help ngie i don’t know wh. Nd got in huge fight She refuses to even let tlk to her I cn’t pologize if I cn’t tlk to her right? She keeps giving dirty looks nd I don’t know wh to do! Jesslynne Give. Nd re fighting sprite cns nd sh did net llook In school wh should I do when I clled her I sid 5 words nd she hung up wh should I do ? Luke Your gets very like U need to give them ti Not to scre u but th s ws for 2 months nd wouldn’t tlk to I doubt th will hppen. Bff thinks I told her crush th she likes him I told her th I would never do th but she doesn’t believe She’s stopped tlking to nd when she does spek to it’s either thre th she will tell crush th I like him or she sys she done with We’ve been s since 2nd grde (5 yers) She the one person th I know I cn tlk to bout nything She ws the only person I told when mom hd cncer I don’t wnt to lose her so wh should. Hi younger ster krtin I ws her becuse I thought she doesn’t like (s ster) Then I just ignored her every ti she tlked to Wh should I do? I don’t wnt us to fight like forever nd it hs been three months since the fight I don wnt us to end up in broken fight just becuse of sibling (thing) fght I will lso pologize Wh will she expect when I do? I’m relly nervous nd shy 🙁 help!

Nd cele hve been s for 4 yers She thinks I’m her but I’m not her Ive been ignoring her becuse th boy nd rmon sot sses with or ply round with nd she’s h But I tell her she will get So Tody I ws gonn tlk to her but I don’t know if she wnts to tlk to Wh should I do? Should I not be. Well ssulted nd tried to kill fter I didn’t stop sking him wh ws wrong How th in ny world norml behvior th one cn forgive I m going to leve th “relionship” becuse ’s don’t do th! lly hey people! Quick question hs forgiven nd um wh do I. Well ri if there nt reson then i wouldnt cre to be her ! You hve lot more. So nd I got into fight bout the stupidest thing We were in group ch nd I couldn’t tke her out nd so I told her to stop tlking in it everyone else did but her I sked gin nicely nd then she strted getting for no reson nd she sid I do it ll the ti do sothing n nd then expect her to forgive but she the one who does th Plz tell wh to do we hven’t tlked in. < href=" /ct 35" > .lod(" 35");

Every relionship will hit speed bump one ti or nother Becuse your knows you so well it’s esier for th person to relly hurt you Show your you re willing to work through the difficult t of munderstndings nd hurt feelings Sot ships grow stronger through the difficult t Don’t give up on your just becuse you re hving difficulties Do ll you cn to mke pece Rember good priceless. Hy i wnt to know th how cn i understnd then other Mry Goz she’s receiving ssges nd reding them but she doesn’t reply I don’t know wh to do hert literlly broken. I hve known BFF for for more thn 8 yers we don’t go to school together nd she won’t tlk to I sid sorry lot I n lot I don’t know wh to do she life She ditched for girl she so n I m so sd…… HELP!!!!!! SB Shkil omg like 8 yers or more life line i think give her ti or just hngout more ! You shouldn’t do nything like th der which ns you re not true lyss just wnts to tlk it out with in person nd im scred cuse wh if i sy sothing wrong gin nd i just hope th she does understnd where i m coming from í ½

Now nd sid th I treed her s spre tyre nd which I dint even think th wy…I just hve problems( nd other qurrelling lso)nd wnted to tell her but I couldn’t find right timing nd just followed her she who I lwys shred problems with nd now when she ngry she told the rest of fiend not to. We re in similr plce here The thing with I lost her becuse I didn’t stnd up nd tlk to her But I still could nd things I cn cll her right now but I won’t I will see her in Oct Don’t go out of your wy if you re unesy to see her be public event? The lst couple of months of our ship she left lone school for so jerk nd then went on to de her brother which e things worse I loved her like ster th’s why I m going to try nd fix things Just try to recl ny nd ll good t with her If there re few of these nd sothing doesn’t seem right she not be the you thought she ws Good luck Kenzie Freind forever nd she lwys for reson i need dvice bubblefun9901 I feel ditching for no reson like I did sothing wrong Her other told her I did sothing which I didn’t nd I m frid I lost her to the other I don’t know if she ws just bit cold for dy or she genuinely doesn’t wnt to be s with nymore ny dvice?! Xxx I love you or hug them or thnk you I msed you like heck… lly th’s ex-bff’s n *cries* Ch or rnt dult content spm insulting other mbers,< trget="_blnk" href="/info/community_guidelines">show more I think th question violes the Terms of Service Hrm to minors violence or thres hrssnt or privcy invsion impersonion or mrepresention frud or phhing < trget="_blnk" href=" .com/legl/us/yhoo/utos/terms/">show more Nd hve been BFFs for 9 yers Now she won’t relly tlk to or our other s nd I don’t know wh I did wrong How do I strt n pology with her? Dniel crush sent nude nd he nd won’t tlk to Wh should. You cn ch online with HopeCoch right now – < href=" /GetHelp/" rel="nofollow"> /GetHelp/ It’s free nd they cn help you think of wh to. I doint know why wh to sy bout it she problem I feel emotionl how I feeling I sy no I doint wnt to do th nymore I cnt tke it nymore I wnt chnge everything chnge n ll th mories ll bout sd songs mkes crying hert out wnt to do th cry broken hert hd enough im done. Hi ws relly sd becuse i told her th true would no be so n to her but she yelled nd now she bck with other s th were n to her nd they lwys gosip bout yelled one of s for eting nsty food nd when everyone yelled her bck she got very upset nd thought it ws childh right nd i dont wnt to choose sides i wnt them to both. If you believe your intellectul property hs been infringed nd would like to file complint plese see our < trget="_blnk" href=" .com/copyright/us ?pir= PFivskb06cCK3lggdCqKTxtZqQ"> Copyright/IP Policy Th Guest blog: < href=" /the-dos-nd-donts-when-your---btling-depression/">The Do’s (nd Don’ts) When Your Btling Depression relly helpful if one of your s struggling with depression lso check out th other guest blog by JD bout choosing your s lot of t you do hve choice in whom you re close s with so choose them wely Here’s JD’s blog: < href=" /choose-s-wely/">Choose. I hve nd her boy being d**k mostly to becuse before they went out we WERE s nd now we he ech other nd just told to not to tlk to her with her boy by her side but i’m going to keep doing wh i’m doing >:) Tgs: < href=" /tgs/dwsons-blog" rel="tg">Dwson's Blog < href=" /tgs/s" rel="tg">s < href=" /tgs/relionships" rel="tg">Relionships I’m nd girl She nd I were s until she got in conflict with girl n now she hes She sys I’m cowrd for not doing nything I relly wnt to be s with her cuse we lwys hd so much fun together She keeps sying she doesn’t wnt in her life but she texted not too long go sking how I ws. I bld of problem nd she ws trvelling to indi by the school nd no one of the our group didn’t go except her so s wrned not to tell her so i don’t ruin her vcion so i told her becuse i knew th i didi sothing wrong nd hert keeps pounding nd it ws i ws hving hert tck so s kept being nd we were fighting then 2 of s forgived (we re group of 3) but the other ws nd kept fighting nd in the end she told th its wrong thing th i trusted you nd bec your so I’m done with her nd i don’t cre bout her nd i ppoligized to her she kept fighting nd tomorrow which coming bck from indi coming nd i m relly scred nd i don’t know wh to do plesseeeeeee soone tell wh to. Helppp? I m tesing by pulling her strp in the bck which her br nd she got nd I sid sorry but shes ignoring nd yes I did relly wrong iddnt knew th shes going to get nd I know I m silly th ti plese dont lugh but plese. Ws getting bullied so I told the people to stop it nd she got nd won’t tlk to Lol Wow th’s dumb I would sy give her ti if it ws jus weeks tlk be she hd problems in her fmily just sying u knoww !! SB Shkil relly th the s story s mine did u try sk her y she going with the 3 person leving u like there might sothing she likes in her ! nd dont get jelous or the 3 person if u dont know her like if they s before u c then th be different sue soo … ths ll the dvice i. I told one of other s th BFF hd lice now she nd sid directly fce TH SHIP I cried nd I still m how do I get her bck Ms Know It ll Th very drmic She ended your relionship becuse of LICE!! Go tlk to her nd ste the obvious! < href=' /intent/tweet?text=When%20your%20%20%20%20%20%20you%2C%20the%20most%20importnt%20thing%20you%20cn%20do%20%20tlk%20bout%20it.%20%23BFF%20∓vi=thehopeline∓reled=thehopeline∓url= /when-your------you' trget='_blnk'>When your you the most importnt thing you cn do tlk bout it #BFF < href=' /intent/tweet?text=When%20your%20%20%20%20%20%20you%2C%20the%20most%20importnt%20thing%20you%20cn%20do%20%20tlk%20bout%20it.%20%23BFF%20∓vi=thehopeline∓reled=thehopeline∓url= /when-your------you' trget='_blnk' clss='bctt-ctt-btn'>Click. Hi so i relly need help becuse ive done sothing stupid to for 8 yers nd she relly dppointed becuse i conducted n tril with other s to ignore (for 8 yers) for dy but we relized th while plnning the tril we re lredy strting it becuse we didnt py tention(ignored) (for 8 yers) for bout week just by just plnning i relly need help becuse we hvent tlked for hlf month(chrtms vcion) + 2 dys(school) nd one of s sid th our ship lredy dmged i tried pologizing lot of t but she ignored ( for 8 yers) wh should. Th such hrd struggle I m sorry your being so secretive nd dhonest HopeCoches re here to lten nd give gre insights – 24/7 Here the link to connect with us… < href=" /gethelp/" rel="nofollow"> /gethelp/ We cre bout you nd wnt. Nd hve the greest nd weirdest relionship We fight for stupid resons but the end of the dy we’re not holding grudge nd we’re posting stuff bout ech other on Instgrm I love Tori. Nd I got split prt becuse I told few people secret nd the new girl th c in got into buness nd spreded rumors the drm gone now They sid they will drop it I lied to two s nd I wnt to mke them hppy nd tlk to gin The people they hng out with don’t like nd I cn’t go er them without getting clled ns nd them sying “WE DON’T WNN TLK TO YOU” The girl who sys th e “leder” she controls ll of old s nd i wnt them to rele th they cn brek free nd I slo wnt nother chnce from them Soone. I hve boy who now sys he cn’t trust fter it ll going so well I’m confused fungirl so bff hve not been tlking to nd being n to idk wh I did wrong she only sid hi to nd so n. Don’t feel guilty! You should only feel guilty if you’re going out with him Th’s no no (Or if your feeling h rm muscles) I still tlk to ’s ex ll. S here I pologized to millions of t nd I keep sying sorry nd she doesn’t even cre She keeps sying “bye forever” nd “i dont cre bout you” No mter wh I sy nothing chnges… nd I didn’t even do nything tbhv I hve ship group of 3 nd 1 of s ply lot of video gs etc nd other more like when it cos to emotionl problems sort etc But nd gming hve e her feel left out these couple of dys She ws relly hurt nd I knew she ws crying when she ssged us on our group ch to tell us ny dve for when I see her tomorrow? :c Your browser ncient! < href=" /">Upgrde to different browser or < href=" .com/chrofr/?redirect=true">instll Google Chro Fr to experience. I hve th gre nd she super nice so when people re n to her she cries; when they mke up with her those two ct like ies I m the one who helping her nd she cts like I m not there sot I get uper jelous but don’t sy nything then she sks wh wrong I just get relly her but don’t n to wh should. Ch or rnt dult content spm insulting other mbers,< trget="_blnk" href="/info/community_guidelines">show more I think th comnt violes the Terms of Service Hrm to minors violence or thres hrssnt or privcy invsion impersonion or mrepresention frud or phhing < trget="_blnk" href=" .com/legl/us/yhoo/utos/terms/">show more Butt hurt becuse i lughed when soone rosted him N I c here becuse request video gs nd gets lot I tried to get him to stop nd express self He just got. Ws ding no1 bff we hve Been f for just yer nd he would do nything for nd I would do nything for him so nd went to the cinim nd she et witch ws lso she loved bff loud but likes th more when we went ho they strted ding nd she ws gonn brek up with bff in the morning when he c but he hes nd her now he sys it’s fult for not telling him nd sying I ws gonn tell him fce to fce nd idk wh to do I wnt him bck but u cn tell he will be forever Just ct sorry nd sy to her wh shll I do to mke it up to you It. < href=" /ct 22"> .lod(" 22"); If you think your might be struggling with sothing beyond just your relionship check out our < href=" /ebooks/">eBook librry for eBooks on ll types of sues nd every eBook hs section on how to help who struggling with. Th relly short but tlk it out you will never get it with if you don’t It’s not like ll of sudden POOF ship bck together without soone doing sothing bout it Th soone needs or should be YOU Ysmin doesn’t trust She trust her other “ ” fter everything fmily hs done. I hve similr situion except when I try to tlk to he gets super ngry I don’t know wh to do If your cres bout u he or she will forgive u but give them ti nd sk wh u cn do to mke it up Hopefully your esily forgiving mine not I cnnot sty nyone or I get relly stressed out Nd i prod th we would tell ech other our secret but ive found i she told most her problem to our other nd th e i n i told LL problems to her nd if nything hppens to her i m not the first person she would tell we hven’t been relly tlk like week nd she didnt sk to sit down nd dcuss our fight nd pretend everything’s fine nd suddenly tody she pologized to i dont know wh to sy so i just sighed nd kept quiet re we. Nd hve been fighting for while nd it’s lmost the end of the school yer fter th she’s moving cross the country I frid we’ll never mke up- wh should. Hey so i hve who cught tlking bout her with other nd its been months since i tlked to her wh should i do? Cssie I yelled for telling ster to run wy from nd told her th she needed to stop but it turns out ster lied Now wont tlk to so i cnt tell her th i ws wrong to do th nd th i’m sorry. Reled Posts: < href=" /63-how-to-be--gre-">9 Tips For Being Gre < href=" /how-to-spot--toxic-">How To Spot Toxic < href=" /when-you-dont-forgive">Wh Hppens When You Don’t Forgive The next thing you might wnt to sk “Wh cn I do to help nd the relionship?” Mny t your will hve n ide of wh they’d like you to do th point you cn decide if you’re willing to do wh he/she thinks would help to resolve the situion Keep in mind your hurt hve totlly unreltic solution to the problem Don’t mke pros you cn’t keep For exmple if she sys “I never wnt you to tlk to boy gin.” Don’t commit to th for it totlly unreltic. Nd I hd conflict tody nd I clled her fke wh should I do mimi OMG s bff told crush i liked him with other nd then they hd HUGE fight bout it I shouldve been Sot one hs to mke the effort to be there for the even when you’re not sure they relly cre if you’re s or not It’s impossible to know exctly why so people hold on to nger nd resentnt longer thn wh might seem resonble Sot ll you cn do try your to seek resolution You cn’t mke nybody else do wh they don’t wnt to do You might wnt to red the < title="Seeking Forgiveness" href=" /seeking-forgiveness/">series of blogs I wrote on forgiveness for help lerning how to forgive your Sot ships grow stronger through the difficult t Don’t give up on your just becuse you re hving difficulties. Ding Piper online he t her Instgrm nd I sid to him he probbly shouldn’t do it cuse you re ding her online nd don’t know her in rel life He got nd thought I’m jelous nd him nd h gf wont tlk to nd ? Mssobbs Hi just wlked in school nd won’t tlk to nyone!!. Lol Ikr hiley i did sothing with nd our prents found out its super wkwrd between us nd hes wh do.