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September 8, 2018 1:26 pm

September 8, 2018 1:26 pm

Dual Pack: Pac-Man World 3 / Namco Museum DS Original release date(s): NA: Octo Release years by system: 2012 – Nintendo DS Notes: It's re-releases of the Nintendo DS version of Pac-Man World 3 and Namco Museum DS bundled into one package This bundle was only released in North America There are also many compilations featuring Pac-Man that don't have Pac-Man's name in the title The most popular example is the Namco Museum series (every Namco Museum title features Pac-Man as the mascot even on the few rare moments where the original Pac-Man game is not included) which has been on almost every video game console since the fifth generation a list of many other Namco compilations (most of them featuring Pac-Man in some way) can be found here Some notable examples with the "Namco Museum" title: Quickspot Original release date(s): JP: February 9 2006 NA: March 8 2007 Release years by system: 2006/2007 – Nintendo DS Notes: The North American version added references to Pac-Man and other Namco characters that weren't in the original Japanese version or the Korean version of. Super Pac-Man Original release date(s): JP: Aug NA: October 1 1982 Release years by system: 1982 – Arcade Professor Pac-Man Original release date(s): 1983 Release years by system: 1983 – Arcade Pac & Pal Original release date(s): 1983 Release years by system: 1983 – Arcade Pac-Man is a series of video games The original arcade game Pac-Man was released in 1980 by Namco and published in North America by Midway Namco Midway and Bandai Namco Entertainment have released numerous sequels and spin-offs many of which have also been remade on multiple platforms including home consoles and handheld devices The first sequels were primarily released in arcades while later titles were released on video game consoles Pac-Man Ghost & Stage Maker Original release date(s):[68] JP: Ma Release years by system: 2016 – Web Browser Notes: It lets users create mazes and design ghosts It is only in Japanese language There is a series of JAKKS Pacific Plug & Play controllers that are Pac-Man themed Most of them feature either Pac-Man or Ms Pac-Man as the main game and then include other Namco arcade games with it Bandai also released their own in 2012 called Pac-Man Connect. Pac-Man World 3 Original release date(s): 2005 Release years by system: 2005 – PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox PlayStation Portable Nintendo DS Windows PC Notes: The original Pac-Man is also included Ms Pac-Man: Quest for the Golden Maze Original release date(s): 2001 Release years by system: 2001 – Windows PC Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is an adventure game Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is developed by NAMCO BANDAI Games and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment It was released in 29 Oct Pac is back in an all- experience for a whole generation of fans Featuring an original storyline inspired by the show as well as all the charming characters from the highly anticipated PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures animated series created and produced by Avi Arad acclaimed director and founder of Marvel Studios Pac and his 2 best friends Spiral and Cylindria rise to the challenge of protecting their home all the while fighting for: Friendship dom and the Future! Key Fetures: Pac-Man no Desktop Daisakusen Original release date(s): JP: 1997 Release years by system: 1997 – Microsoft Windows Notes: A Pac-Man-themed desktop assistant that included screensavers games and folder icons Planned as a sequel to Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness Pac-Man Adventures Original release date(s):[72] Cancelled Release years by system: Cancelled Notes: Pac-Man game featuring designs by animator Don Bluth Many of the concepts went on to be used in Pac-Man. Ios and/or Android games[edit] Pac-Man has many games on iOS and Android. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Original release date(s): 2014 Release years by system: 2014 - Wii U Nintendo 3DS Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Notes: A sequel to the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures video game based on the TV show of the. An endless runner game featuring characters from the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures television series Pac-Man Monsters Original release date(s): February 6 2014 Release years by system: 2014 – iOS Android Notes: A puzzle game that is based on Puzzle & Dragons and features several Pac-Man and Namco characters Pac-Chain Original release date(s): September 2 2010 Release years by system: 2010 – iOS Notes: A puzzle game where the player would tap on groups of colored ghosts Pac-Man + Tournaments Original release date(s): March 22 Release years by system: – Android iOS 2015 - Kindle Fire Notes: A port of the original Pac-Man that featured several mazes and leaderboards Pac-Man Party Original release date(s): 2010 Release years by system: 2010 – Wii Nintendo 3DS Notes: The original Pac-Man is also included along with two other Namco arcade games Pac-Man receives an updated look Pac-Man Championship Edition Original release date(s): 2007 Release years by system: 2007 – Xbox Live Arcade 2009 – iOS 2009 – Symbian 2010 –. This is not a full list of Namco Museum titles for a full list go to the Namco Museum article. Pac-Man Pop! Original release date(s):[49] Aug Release years by system: 2016 – iOS Android Notes: It's a matching game where you flick balls colored like the four ghosts to eliminate the down-coming balls Home » Adventure » Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 Original release date(s):[59] 2007 Release years by system: 2007 – Arcade I am so happy when you connect to my website It created with the purpose is to share full games PC for all of you At the present more than 8000 full games PC are loaded on the website and it has still been in process of building finishing the contents so I hope that most of full games PC could be updated as soon as possible To a website it does not have much your attention but I wish you could give me a favour in advertising introducing it to people by sharing its link for your friends family members who own games PC through out Facebook twitter and other websites If the website becomes a well – known one this will a motivation push me to continue updating more games sharing to people Thanks !!! Pac-Land Original release date(s): 1984 Release years by system: 1984 – Arcade

Similar Wii games including Namco Museum Remix Namco Museum Megamix and Pac-Man Party have been released. Pac-Man Vs Original release date(s): 2003 Release years by system: 2003 – GameCube 2007 - Nintendo DS Notes: Many copies of the GameCube version of Pac-Man World 2 were bundled with this game On the DS it is part of the Namco Museum DS compilation A compilation of various "S" (score attack) variations of Pac-Man Rally-X Dig Dug Galaga Gator Panic and Pac-Chain It was delisted from the App Store. Pac-Match Party Original release date(s): J Release years by system: 2010 – iOS Notes: A puzzle game where the player would clear out ghosts fruit and presents Pac-Man VR Original release date(s): 1996 Release years by system: 1996 – Arcade Pac-Man Battle Royale Original release date(s): 2011 Release years by system: 2011 – Arcade Pac-Man Bounce Original release date(s): Septem Release years by system: 2015 – iOS Android Notes: Developed by V2 Games A puzzle game released to coincide with the 35th anniversary of Pac-Man Ms Pac-Man Original release date(s):[23] 1981 Release years by system: 1981 – Arcade Pac-Man Power Pack Original release date(s): NA: Septem Release years by system: 2008 – PlayStation 2 Notes: A collection for the PlayStation 2 that featured Pac-Man World 2 Pac-Man World 3 and Pac-Man. Pac-Man Smash is a Pac-Man themed air hockey table released into arcades by Namco Bandai Games It is a localization of a Japanese air hockey table called Big Bang Smash Japan's Big Bang Smash has no references to Pac-Man in it the Pac-Man references were added into the localization It is a four way air hockey table with many pucks instead of only. Planned sequel to Pac-Man Pinball Advance but instead of it being developed by Human Soft it was being developed by Zen Studios Outcast Odyssey Original release date(s): iOS WW: Octo Android WW: 2014 Release years by system: 2014 - iPhone iPod Touch iPad Android Notes: It has Pac-Man themed DLC World's Largest Pac-Man Original release date(s): 2015 Release years by system: 2015 – Arcade Pac-Man Fever Original release date(s): 2002 Release years by system: 2002 – GameCube PlayStation 2

Pac-Man Hats 2 Original release date(s):[51][52] October 4 2017 Release years by system: 2017 – Android Notes: It's a sequel to Pac-Man Hats Namco High Original release date(s): WW: December Release years by system: – Web Browser Notes: Pac-Man is in the game It is no longer available as of. Pac-In-Time Original release date(s): 1994 Release years by system: 1994 – Super NES Notes: It is a reskin of Fury of the Furries World's Biggest Pac-Man Original release date(s): WW: 13 April 2011 Release years by system: 2011 - Web Browser Notes: It lets users create their own maze which is connected to other user-made mazes to make a single huge "Pac-Man maze" Wanting to join the rest of our members? Feel to sign up today.

Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness Original release date(s): 2000 Release years by system: 2000 – PlayStation Nintendo 64 Dreamcast 2004 – Game Boy Advance Notes: The original Ms Pac-Man is also included It was released on the PlayStation Store. A planned 3D platformer similar to Pac-Man World Super GPS Pac-Man Original release date(s): Cancelled Release years by system: Cancelled – WonderSwan Notes: A game that would use the WonderGate addon to convert the player's location to a game of Pac-Man with roads as the maze and moving vehicles as ghosts Pac-Man Pinball Advance Original release date(s): 2005 Release years by system: 2005 – Game Boy Advance Pac'n-Jump Original release date(s): April 7 2011 Release years by system: 2011 – iOS Android Notes: It was a game where you tilt the device to help Pac-Man bounce off platforms to reach. A game that was exclusive to the Dreamcast version of Namco Museum and was played using the Dreamcast VMU memory pack Pac-Man appears as a DLC golfer as of August.